First and foremost Thanks for considering the Sabotage Gaming Community. The vision behind this community was to design a place where gamers of all skills and ages could meet and partake in various games. We don’t advertise to be only for particular game because we realize that there isn’t a game out there that appeals to everyone. Everyone has different tastes when it comes to gaming. So we will never put a label on the community like that nor will we require that you the gamer must play a particular game in order to be a part of Sabotage. Our goal is and always will be to provide a mature and chill environment for you to interact in.

Within Sabotage there is a guild structure and chain of command that must be respected. Currently Sabotage is run by 3 individuals all of which are longtime friends and born gamer’s. Although we don’t limit the community to one game occasionally an officer will carry the Sabotage name into a game. No member is required or pressured to buy or even play the game but you are free to join if you have an interest in the game.

We have always offered our TeamSpeak Server to the public. We did this so that you and your friends don’t all have to be a member of Sabotage in order to play together. But registered users are allowed to do more things with in TS3. So although guests are welcomed their powers are limited.

Registered user’s powers:

  1. They  are given priority over guests
  2. They can request a private squad channel with name & icon of their choice (if they meet the requirements) Coming Soon!!!
  3. Ability to see Admins
  4. They can enter the member area and be invisible to guests
  5. They can be promoted to high ranks
  6. Input is welcomed and acknowledged during Sabotage meetings and Discussions
  7. Suggest Sabotage venture into a particular game


Be sure to read our Guild Charter. CLICK HERE